Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?
Either £29.99 per month/per user or £299 per annum / per user. Free to all Non-Sales Users.
What is Prospex?

Prospex is sales leads intelligently - a new, cost-effective and hassle-free way to increase your sales.

New leads all day and every day, for a fixed price and no effort.

What does it cost?

Monthly subscription
From £19 per month / per user

Annual subscription
From £180 per annum / per user

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*Prospex is free for all Non-Sales Users within a paying account. Details below.

Why do I need it?

Because nobody likes lead generation! It’s time consuming, costly and hard to measure.

Plus, with Prospex taking care of the lead gen stuff, you’ll have more time to close those sales.

Who is it for?

Sales and marketing teams everywhere, plus anyone who likes the idea of growing their business
without the pain of growing their sales leads first.

How does it work?

Prospex is powered by LOMi, our own artificial intelligence engine. LOMi enables Prospex to quickly identify sales leads for you. It is high-end tech, not magic, but try it and you’ll be bewitched.

What types of user do you have?

We have four types of user.

1 - Admin User.
Pure Admin / reporting role. Does not recieve leads.

2 - Sales Manager / Admin User.
Combined role of admin / reporting and also receives leads.

3 - Sales User.
Pure sales / marketing role.

4 - Non-Sales User.*
Everyone else in your organisation that’s not in sales but has great sales-relevant data, like your marketing and product people.

*Don’t forget, Non-Sales Users are free, so the more the merrier.

Why do you need my data?

Because all artificial intelligence needs data, and the more data the better the leads! But only data that’s relevant to generating leads for you, so we’re careful with your data and ensure it’s treated with respect.

GDPR and Prospex?

Our entire technology platform has been built with GDPR very much as a central consideration. This has enabled us to hard-bake GDPR-compliant systems and processes from the start. Plus, a senior Data Protection Officer (see team profile) is part of the Prospex team, which is rare for a small business but represents how seriously we take GDPR and your data in general.

Is the 14 Day Free Trial a 'light' version of the real thing?

No, we don’t roll like that! The 14 Day Free Trial has the same features and benefits of our paid version, so you really do get to try-before-you-buy.

Do I get real, qualified leads during the 14 Day Free Trial?

Yes you do. But please bear in mind that AI improves over time,
therefore the leads you receive during your 14 Day Free Trial will not be as
qualified as the ones you receive after a few months.

What happens after the 14 Day Free Trial?

You have two optionslook forward or look back! Either look to the
future by subscribing to Prospex and enjoy regular leads per day or go back to
old-skool lead-gen, with all its sizeable costs and resource-heavy effort.